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Peter A. Noda

For over 32 years bringing financial information to our community, and with over 70 years of collective experience with the following services; life insurance, annuities, retirement and a department of home and auto insurance.

Peter A. Noda



I, Pedro A. Noda, arrived in the United States from Cuba when was an adolescent. Quickly I learned that I had to work hard to succeed and that the only way to do so was through education. I went to the Roosevelt University and I graduated in 1971 with a degree in Business Administration. I met my current wife and that was a love at first sight, then we got married and we have four children, we recently celebrated our 40thanniversary.Presently I am at a very important moment in my finances industry career. I am involved in giving intensive training and working very closely with other professionals of this field. Sincerely I enjoy genuinely helping other people and being able to listen to their interests and worries. I have gained the respect and good reputation among my clients that repeat their visits to my office and also of the people that refer me so that I can help them. Frankly, the Hispanic community is very important for my work. I have worked along with the previous Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley; and also with the state representative Edgar López. They have expressed in a letter of recognition that: “We consider that the efforts of Peter and Linda as always successful. The discipline that they maintain in the administration of their business oriented to the compliance of the law and customer service”. I have worked with the Commander Janet Pestka, who in a letter wrote: “As the President of the Counsel of Advisors of the District, Mr. Noda has achieved large results. The Counsel of Advisors is composed by various members of important departments, like: Greater Adult Citizens, Youthful Pastorale and Matters of Family, Industrial Counsel, Counsel Defender of the Environment. Each committee has a mission and definite purpose with objective and specific goals that are established yearly. Mr. Noda has served as the Leader of the Committee of Business, as well as Leader of the advisory Board. Mr. Noda was a key person in the establishment of a patrol of police in bicycles in our district.”I have also collaborated with the following stations of radio: 560 AM, 750 AM and 950 AM in the helpline with Luisa Torres and Luis Alfonso. At present, I have an hour long radio program ““Al Punto Con Tu Dinero” from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm on 1450 AM.

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