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Peter A. Noda

For over 32 years bringing financial information to our community, and with over 70 years of collective experience with the following services; life insurance, annuities, retirement and a department of home and auto insurance.


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Peter has been license in insurance for life, health, commercial business, auto and home since 1982. Peter has been license in the past as a Mortgage Broker working with NASA Mortgage and running the operation from start to finish.

His experience doesn’t stop there, he attend cutting edge workshops and new and innovative annuity & life products seminars.

Peter had come up in the radio world with 17 years of experience on the microphone.

Peter has been keeping the community informed of what’s happening in the financial world.

Peter’s motivation is to help people and their families. He wants you to see how you can have a secure and risk free environment. Having this will surely create a long and happy retirement.
Peter understands you and understands that as the needs for every client differs some rules stay the same and should be followed.
Let go through some of the rules, these 6 rules we should all think about.

Rule 1.

We must save at least 10% of our annual income. If you are 50 years or older you need to increase to 15%.

In a combined income of $60,000 per year a 10% or $6,000 dollars per year must be put aside. I’m not talking about putting it in a bank. The point of saving is to put it in a risk free product. I find that an index annuity has

Rule 2.

One of the biggest investment that we have is our home, let take care of it.

Our home mortgage in many cases should be amortized for 30 year. This gives us the tax deductions which we can use, plus allows us to have a low monthly payment. This way we can save and invest in our future.

Rule 3.

We must have a clear strategy

There are many paths in this world. We must choose one of them. In today market it’s easy not to think about it. It’s so complicated. In order to provide for our families and plan for their future we need to get involved, we need to take time to read brochures articles and do our homework, going to seminars is the best. Let’s ask ourselves important questions. At what age do I want to retire?

Rule 4.

What do l know about a 401K. What were they like over 40 years and what are they now?

The 401k was born in 1978 to replace the pension plans. Now there are so many changes that you don’t recognize it. It is very important before signing up for a 401k that you know the ins and outs of the plan. This will assure that you have no surprises. Some plans are very complicated and not worth it. Your path chosen will affect your retirement and let face it this is your end game.

Rule 5.

Have Life Insurance

This is not an option. Having life insurance and getting it at an early age secures your families, home, school and future. Life insurance is based on your health this one restriction is the most important. We don’t get a warning when we are getting sick and once you’re sick this option is taken off the table and becomes null and void. How sick and what we get is unknown. However,waiting to get older well we know that getting older always has it aches and pains. So do this right away.

Rule 6.

Put your money to work!

I have to go to work every morning why should my money NOT go to work. In today’s day and age
we all know about inflation. This “inflations” doesn’t make more money, inflation takes value away from your money. So today you have $5000 in ten or twenty years what will you be able to buy with $5000 ? Remember when milk was .25cents what does a gallon of milk cost today. Exactly!!! just my point.
These rules are eyes openers. It helps us make choices, it helps us chose a path. It helps us with our future and our families.
Peter has helped many people to achieve their goals, set a path, and have a plan, and be very secure in their future.
What comes first Retirement or death??
Let be prepare for both.
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